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  Breed Survey (BSCL. 1 or 2)
The Breed Survey Scheme is a nationally accredited scheme run by the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia. At a minimum age of eighteen months the dog/bitch is presented to a panel of GSDCA Breed Surveyors who assess the animal not only on its breed worth but also on its character and temperament. During the assessment the dog is gun tested, crowd tested and the dogs reaction to all aspects of the survey observed. Any fault in temperament is an automatic fail no matter how beautiful the animal is. After assessment, providing the dog has the necessary hereditary diseases criteria and has passed the temperament tests, the animal is classified as suitable for breeding and recommendations made as to a suitable mate.

GSDCA Hip Dysplasia Scheme ('A')
At twelve months or older the dog is x-rayed and the plates scored and graded, if the animals hips fall into the normal parameters for breeding the dog is given an ‘A’ Stamp.

GSDCA Elbow Dysplasia Scheme ('Z')
This scheme is similar to the hip scheme again if the elbows fall within normal parameters the dog is given a ‘Z’ Stamp.

GSDCA National Tattoo Scheme
All puppies are tattooed at 7-8 weeks of age in the right ear with three letters and three numbers. The letters represent the breeders’ prefix and the numbers the individual puppy. Each tattoo is unique and is used as identification in all of our schemes. An added side benefit is that through the tattoo number and via the breeder a lost animal can be quickly reunited with its owner with no special equipment being required to read a tattoo.

All male German Shepherds must be tested for hemophilia before breeding.  The H-Neg indicates they are clear.

This classification is awarded to dogs or bitches exhibited in the adult class over the age of 2 years, at the judge's discretion.  They must be breed surveyed and have correct dentition.  Maximum size 65cm dogs, 60cm bitches.  Temperament firm and outgoing.

Excellent Select (VA in other countries)
Awarded only at Main Breed Exhibitions, held every 2-3 years.  The same criteria as for excellent, however the dog must be well above the standard.  Attributes such as previous show performance, pedigree and progeny the dogs have produced, is taken into account. 

Sieger / Siegerin
The winner of the classes at the Breed shows. This includes Main Breed Shows and State Breed shows. Generally, unless otherwise stated, the title refers to the open classes.

ET Title
Awarded to dogs who have passed an endurance test.

CD/CDX Title
Levels of obedience tittles.





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